strong>As one of the Dominican Republic’s most active commercial centers, the Alma Rosa neighborhood boasts shopping malls like Mega Centro and Coral Mall. /strong> The Mercado Modelo is another popular destination, where visitors can shop for handicrafts and local products.

The barrio is also home to the Chinese Temple of Santo Domingo, a symbol of the cultural exchange between the Dominican Republic and China. Rosa Ng Baez is the founder of this initiative, which was inaugurated in 2008 under the second administration of Leonel Fernandez and now serves as a meeting point for the community and a promoter of cultural festivities such as the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival.

A fiery and ambitious tyrant, Rosas was a powerful force in the province of Buenos Aires. He consolidated his power by withdrawing the province from discussions of national unification and by acquiring a strong cattle industry, which he used to gain wealth. He had no worthy rivals, and with extraordinary powers he quashed any opposition that arose.

Over 14 years of self-martyrdom took their toll on the young Rosa. She suffered many illnesses and self-inflicted ordeals in the name of Christ and the Virgin Mary, as well as helping sick and poor people. Her death on August 24, 1617, was so mourned that her funeral couldn’t take place as people lined up to pay their last respects. The Viceroy, the archbishop and representatives of all religious fraternities and public authorities of Lima attended her burial in the convent. Rosas Santo Domingo

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