An employee communication app is a useful tool to distribute news and updates, as well as collect feedback from employees. It can also help you streamline teamwork and improve collaboration.

Some of these apps include instant messaging for one-on-one conversations, group chats, and audio/video calls. They can also be used to share files and collaborate remotely.


Flock is a robust collaboration software tool with features and functionality that meet the demands of teams large and small. It includes direct and group messaging with smart channels, video and voice calls, screen sharing, and document management. It also enables teams to collaborate remotely and on the go.

It helps employees stay updated on company news and events, fostering a sense of community and connection. Its recognizable branding promotes user confidence and adoption, eliminating barriers to use. Its public app store availability and a free trial period make it easy for users to download and begin using the mobile app.

Frontline workers often feel disconnected from their peers and the organization as a whole. The app can provide them with a platform to express themselves and their perspectives, which can improve morale and productivity.


Connecteam is an all-in-one employee app that offers a complete suite of features for scheduling, communication, and project management. It also helps organizations overcome typical human resource challenges such as buddy-punching and time padding. It also gives businesses the ability to automate their processes and gain critical workforce insights.

The software’s GPS time tracking tools help employers monitor employees’ work hours and location. The breadcrumbing feature also allows managers to view where employees have been on the job, as well as which tasks they’ve worked on.

Connecteam’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy for employees, even those who aren’t tech savvy, to use. Its features include reminders and an auto-clockout function that prevents early clock-ins. Managers can also set break rules and make sure that employees take their breaks.


Nuovoteam is a push-to-talk (PTT) productivity suite software that enables businesses to establish rapid connectivity among their remote workers. It offers mobile & desktop PTT, VoIP calls, instant messaging and location tracking. It also lets users create business contacts with detailed information and share files easily.

This tool is ideal for non-desk and frontline workers across logistics & transportation, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and more. It facilitates employee productivity tracking, chat communication, and walkie talkie (Push to Talk) using smartphones. It can also be integrated with MDM/EMM providers like Scalefusion.

This app is free to use and provides team chat, video and voice calls, one-on-one and group messaging, file sharing, public and private channels, and threads and mentions. Its paid plans include additional features, such as screen sharing in video calls and more options for managing user accounts.


Staffbase is a simple, flexible internal communications platform with advanced social functionality. It allows users to customize notifications, and administrators can mark posts as urgent or mandatory for all employees to acknowledge. The app also includes one-on-one messaging and secure sharing of files.

It offers a comprehensive intranet solution with plugins for company news, social walls, newsletters, local updates and videos. It also features chat and picture galleries. Its sleek, pleasantly reduced optical design can be customized to match the corporate identity. The software is constantly developed with new, useful functions and visual improvements.

Staffbase is used by more than 1,000 enterprise organizations to unlock the power of their internal communication. It enables leaders and communicators to unite everyone behind shared stories and make information easily accessible.


Beekeeper is a unified team communication app that keeps dispersed workforces and non-desk employees in the loop. It connects crucial operational systems and offers pre-defined communication streams or channels that allow employees to share news, updates, protocols, and more. It also enables employees to share information in their native language and provides users with the ability to define who can access contents as well as assign moderator privileges and roles.

Frontline teams need to be able to work efficiently and effectively. Messages can easily get lost in translation, so Beekeeper’s simple and easy-to-use digital workplace is designed for how frontline employees actually work. It streamlines communication and automates processes with an integrated workflow and connects to 3rd party HRM and payroll systems. It also enables managers to send out employee surveys to boost engagement. best employee communication apps

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