A brand that is widely used in RVs, norcold fridges are usually a bit easier to fix than some other refrigerator brands. This is due to their simpler setup, and the fact that they have fewer components to go wrong. That said, you can still run into problems with your norcold fridge, and knowing a few simple troubleshooting tips can help make the process much easier.

The Norcold Cold Weather Kit is designed to help your Norcold refrigerator work better in cold weather. It draws 12V from the fridge to power a heating strip on the weak solution tube – warming it just enough to stop the solution becoming gel-like and restricting flow through the coils. It’s thermostatically controlled so it only comes on when the temperature drops and turns off when the temperature rises again.

Unlike some other fridges that can only be operated on either propane or electricity, Norcold fridges can switch between the two, depending on which is being used to feed it. Most will use a small amount of electricity to ignite the propane flame, and then automatically switch over to propane power until the thermostat or temperature sensor calls for it to change back to electric.

Fuses on Norcold Refrigerators

The fuses in a norcold fridge can be found behind the access panel, usually located in the lower-left corner of the fridge. They are a little tricky to get to, as you’ll need to remove the cover of a small black box. Once you’re in, you can identify which fuses have blown and replace them as needed. norcold rv refrigerator

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