If you have curly hair, finding a great haircut is a mission. It’s not uncommon for people with luscious locks to spend years barber-hopping and salon-sampling in the quest for a stylist who knows how to cut their curls. Often, it’s a case of hope-and-pray as they endure innumerable smile-through-the-tears moments as their new stylist attempts to work out how best to cut their kinks, coils and tangles.

A true curly hair specialist, Tom from Fabric Hair Salon has devoted 30 years to learning how to best work with all types of curly, wavy and textured locks. He’s a big believer that getting a trim regularly helps prevent Fairy knots, those tiny, irritating tangles at the ends of your curls, and also makes the hair look more healthy.

Known as the ‘curl queen’, Elise at Studio Hi Gorgeous is a home-based curl specialist with over 15 years of industry experience. She is passionate about empowering people to love their curls by offering a relaxed experience in her warm and friendly salon. Using deconstructed dry cutting techniques and a creative flair, she’ll transform your curls into shapes that compliment your face shape and personal style.

A curly hair expert in the Gippsland area, Danika at Ginger and Co specialises in educating people to embrace their kinks, waves and coils. She offers a full range of salon services including dry cuts, deep conditioning treatments and colour using Curly Girl Method products.curly hairdresser Melbourne

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