If you are looking at coffee cup designs and plan to open a coffee shop, what should you be thinking about?

There are a number of factors to throw in, as well as the obvious one of cost.

By far and away the most important though, is the look and feel of the cups. It is almost certainly in your interests to have something strong and durable, for two reasons. One is the fact these cups will survive both washing and handling by your customers much better. The second is the fact are the coffee cup designs are all part of the coffee shop experience. It is nice to have that feel of something solid, sturdy and long lasting, something that takes you out of the feeling you have every time you make some instant coffee in your kitchen.

You might pay a little more for these durable coffee cup designs up front but in the long run they will pay for themselves in re-use and durability.

Some companies also offer cups which can be used for both cappuccino and latte, another saving.

The other thing you can want to consider when it comes to coffee cup design is whether or not to put a logo on your cups. This will help with brand identity and it also opens up the possibility of being able to sell cups at your shop as a profitable little sideline. It’s certainly worth making sure you have logos on your takeaway paper or plastic cups, as these will be useful free advertising when your customers heads out into the big wide world. best cup for iced coffee

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