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This 8-1/2 inch cherub statue rests on its head with one hand over its chest, painted a warm stone color and crafted of quality polyresin. Whether you display this cute angel figurine indoors or outdoors, it will add joy for visitors to your home or garden.

The word cherub conjures up images of chubby-cheeked baby angels with wings. But that image is a recent development, created during the Renaissance when artists depicted lower-order angels as children. The name cherub, derived from the Hebrew kerub, actually means child-like.

These cherubim angels are both sweet and curious, just like young children. With their feathered wings, curly hair, and child-like details, such as dimpled knees and wrist rolls, these enchanting representations of Cupid can symbolize love, heaven, and peace. This chubby cherub garden angel crouches to examine a tiny snail, a Design Toscano exclusive crafted of quality designer resin to celebrate every detail from feathered wings to dimpled knees. Finished with a ribbon draw string bow and an angel-wing-themed “For You” tag, this Cherub figurine is a lovely gift for someone special.

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