The finest Unix emulator is not a Unix emulator. The finest Unix emulator is “CYGWIN”, which is a full Unix like surroundings for Windows.

CYGWIN is consists of 2 parts:

  • A DLL which works as a Unix emulation cover giving substantial Unix functionality.
  • A tools collection, which give Unix feel and look.

PASSPORT Highlights

  • Gives access to the mainframe of IBM, UNIX and AS/400 host applications
  • TN3270E, TN3270, TN5250E, TN5250, VT100, VT420, Wyse 60 and SCO ANSI terminal emulation
  • Integrated FTP file transfer and Separate FTP client w/in terminal emulation session
  • Passport PC to Host is Certified for Windows Vista
  • Supports Windows 2000and XP
  • Advanced SSL protection available for every host session
  • Advanced SSH protection available for every UNIX host session
  • Safe FTP file transfer making use of SSH and SSL security
  • IND$FILE file transfer to IBM mainframe
  • Assists Citrix Password Manager
  • HLLAPI accessible to recycle screen scraping applications
  • Objects API to recycle EXTRA! screen scraping applications
  • VB Script to edit, record, and operate productivity improving macros
  • Host printing assisted over the TN5250E or TN3270E client
  • Pass over printing available for SCO ANSI or VT client
  • Capability to open numerous host sessions, uniquely setup every session
  • Customizable mouse buttons, keyboard layout, keypads, hotspots, toolbars, fonts, colors, cursor and a lot more   WeTransfer Alternative

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