Car dealerships offer a variety of vehicles for sale, car insurance options, service and parts. They also provide car loans and leasing, which can be a smart financial move for buyers. However, consumers should be aware that dealerships are in business to make a profit, so it’s important to do your research before purchasing. According to Street Directory, New York Daily News, BestRide and AutoGravity, a good car dealership will have a clean facility with well-maintained vehicles, knowledgeable employees who can answer your questions, fair prices, reasonable financing offers and outstanding customer service. It’s also helpful to visit several dealers for each make and model you are interested in so that you can get a full picture of what is available on the market.

Most dealerships specialize in one or more types of vehicle sales and services. They are in fierce competition for your business, so they’ll usually try to give you the best deal they can and rely on the loyalty of repeat customers.

While many people shop online for cars, most still buy from a dealership because they want to be able to examine the vehicle in person and ask questions before buying. They may pay for the car with a personal check, cashier’s check or credit card. They must also have a valid driver’s license to show that they are legally capable of driving the vehicle off the lot.

Dealerships are staffed by people who do a single job or a small group of related jobs. Think of a restaurant, where the waiters, bartenders and chefs all have specific duties and don’t mix tasks. Many dealerships follow the same philosophy by dividing the job of selling cars into different departments. One group demonstrates the vehicles, another works out the sales price, trade-in values and calculates payments and the last group ties up all of the loose ends. car dealerships

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