An entrepreneur is a person who starts a new business to fulfil what they perceive as unmet market needs. They typically have a vision of the future that inspires them to take on risk to create and grow their business. Entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic development, creating jobs and providing access to goods and services. Some entrepreneurs have a focus on social impact, while others strive to make their business successful in order to make a profit.

Entrepreneurs usually start with little to no resources, financing their operations through personal investments or borrowing funds from friends and family members. This is referred to as bootstrapping. The most successful entrepreneurs develop innovative products and services that are differentiated from the competition. They also build businesses on scalable models to maximize their growth. They are also critical thinkers, able to assess opportunities and keep their businesses agile by reassessing on a regular basis.

They have a natural drive to succeed and are incredibly hardworking. Entrepreneurs often get bored easily and like to challenge the status quo. They are resilient and see failure as a temporary setback rather than an ending point. They are a good fit for parents who want their children to have a positive attitude towards money and learn how to be self-sufficient in the workplace and beyond. Inspiring entrepreneurial spirit is a great way to teach children financial responsibility, time management and creative thinking skills. Joseph Daher Batman

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