A live cam is a streaming video camera that offers a real-time view of a particular location. It’s often used to provide a live feed of scenic or tourist destinations, traffic conditions, weather patterns, or even sporting events. Live cams can be found in many different settings, from public spaces to private homes and businesses.

The best webcams offer an excellent picture quality and easy-to-use features. However, not all cameras are created equal, and you’ll want to consider your needs before choosing a model. For example, if you’ll be using your camera for professional streaming, choose one that supports HD or 4K resolution and features a built-in noise reduction mic. Also, make sure the camera can rotate to capture all angles of your space and has a wide-angle lens.

Other important factors to keep in mind include the frame rate and image size. The frame rate determines how fast the camera updates, and a higher number usually means better quality. Image size is the number of pixels that are captured, and it’s usually displayed as a px or jpeg file type.

Experience the beautiful city of Amsterdam via this free live stream from its famous Dam Square. Highlights include the Royal Palace, New Church (where the Dutch king and queen got married) and National Monument. live cam

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