A cabinet manufacturer is a professional who crafts functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces for residential, commercial, or public spaces. They may work from a workshop or at larger facilities that are equipped with specialized machinery and production lines for high volumes of cabinets.

Many cabinetmakers also offer on-site installation services. This can require them to travel to homes, businesses, construction sites, or other locations where new cabinets will be installed to ensure proper fitting and functionality. In these instances, cabinetmakers may need to work overtime.

Cabinetmakers typically follow safety protocols and practices in the workplace to minimize accidents, injuries, or illnesses. They use tools and machines that can be hazardous, and must comply with workplace regulations regarding the handling of materials and chemicals.

During recent challenges with the supply of wood and other materials, cabinet manufacturers have struggled to keep up with demand. This has resulted in higher product prices and longer wait times for kitchen contractors and homeowners to get the cabinets they need for their remodeling projects.

Some cabinet manufacturers have worked to minimize the impact of these industry challenges on their dealers by adjusting shipping costs, switching to cheaper materials, or adding additional warehousing capacity. Atlanta’s CabinetCorp is one example of a cabinet manufacturer that has managed to stay ahead of the curve by keeping a tight lid on costs while maintaining accurate inventory levels for contractors and homeowners alike. Their nationwide warehouses focus on the most in-demand cabinet styles and SKUs, ensuring that their dealer partners have the stock they need to serve the demand.

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