CryptoDogs are adorable creatures minted in the blockchain and ranked based on their rarity index. They aren’t as stylish as their cousins, the CryptoKitties, but they do have a lot going for them. They are the first pixel-art NFT to use BSC (Binance Smart Chain), so they have the added benefit of being cheaper to own and breed.

The project has already burned 50% of its total supply and created a 1-year pool lock showing their commitment to transparency and scalability, and they have 7k members on Telegram and 14k followers on Twitter proving there’s interest in this new cryptocurrency dog game. The team will also release a developer guide and a wiki so that users can easily get involved in the community.

Unlike the more popular CryptoKitties, CryptoDogs are free to own and breed. This may be one of the biggest selling points for this new cryptocurrency, especially since there’s no transaction fee to own and breed them. However, it’s also important to note that the game is still in its early stages. There are bugs and other issues that the developers are working to resolve.

Cryptodogs were developed by Ke Xu, who founded Nome Lab and has worked on several experimental blockchain projects. She was also behind ERA, a social app that used blockchain-based task rewards to create a sense of ownership among its users.

This year, the Crypto Dog’s Twitter following has more than doubled, despite Bitcoin’s market corrections. The Dog is unflappable in the face of these setbacks, focusing on the growth of non-fungible tokens, blockchain scalability, and other market-moving developments in the cryptocurrency space.

Throughout the course of this year, the Dog has taken to the internet to discuss everything from the pitfalls of bitcoin’s price volatility to tips for crypto investors on how to make money in a bear market. He’s a trusted source of information for many cryptocurrency traders, and his advice is often heeded by traders around the world.

With his unwavering focus on the cryptocurrency industry, it’s no wonder why the Crypto Dog has such a large following on Twitter. His insights are incredibly valuable to the space, and he always has something interesting to say. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow him on Twitter! You’ll be glad you did.

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