A new water soluble film enables unit-dosing of dry food ingredients, helping bakers and other processors save processing costs while using premeasured quantities, claims the company. Called F-100, it is made from edible cellulose polymers that dissolve completely in cold water. It can also be converted into bags or wrappers on most conventional packaging machines. The film is designed for unit-dose packaging of flavors, colorants, dyes, enzymes, vitamins and other food additives. The company says the film reduces the risk of packaging materials contaminating packaged food products.

Eco friendly innovations
Hectic lifestyles are driving the demand for ready-to-eat (RTE) foods that provide a convenient meal option. This in turn is boosting the adoption of water soluble films as a packaging material.

Water soluble films are made from PVA or PVOH and are non-toxic. They are safe for the environment and fully biodegradable. This packaging material is used in sanitary laundry bags, swimming pool products, dish-washing tablets, concrete additives, dyes and agrochemicals. It is also used to package fish bait, which can be dropped into the river and easily breaks down, making it a convenient way of packaging the bait.

Kuraray Co Ltd (Japan) holds the top position in the global market for water soluble films. The company operates through the following segments: housing, urban infrastructure & environmental products, high-performance plastics, and medical business. Sekisui Specialty Chemicals Co Ltd (Japan) is the second largest player in this market. The company offers a wide range of chemicals, including plastic resins and specialty chemicals. water soluble film

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