What do Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, and Tina Fey have in common? They all work as voice actors. A career as a voice actor requires more than just an ear-catching and clear voice; it also demands a strong work ethic, the ability to follow direction, and the willingness to learn new things.

Voiceover artists are hired by clients to record voices for commercials, film and television projects, video games, animated characters, and more. They might record in a studio or at home, using high-quality microphones and software to produce quality audio.

When recording, they may use a script to guide them, though they typically work on their own at times. They will also use a computer program to edit the recordings and to adjust their volume and pitch.

A voiceover artist’s job is not to just read the words off a screen but to convey the emotion of each word, bringing the character or message to life. This skill is what separates a good voiceover artist from a great one.

To make it in this field, one must be willing to invest in professional-quality equipment and a home studio. Those interested in this career should also seek representation through a talent agency. This can help them find casting opportunities and negotiate salaries. If they are interested in a specific market, such as radio or movies, they should look for an agent who specializes in that market. Once they’ve found a representation agency, they should prepare a demo reel to send to prospective employers. voiceover artists

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