Stunning locations, beautiful beaches and interesting cultural sites are just some of the reasons why 2023 is shaping up to be a good year for holidays.

Portugal continues to appeal for its historic cities, glorious countryside and excellent value, while Thailand is a favourite with beach-goers for its sandy shores, sensational cuisine and friendly people.


France is a perennial favourite for luxury holidays thanks to its seductive lifestyle, world-class wine and culture-packed cities. This gastronomic powerhouse is also home to awe-inspiring landscapes like the Alps and Pyrenees.

Paris is a timeless city that will charm you with its cobbled streets, sidewalk cafes and the iconic Eiffel Tower. Alternatively, head to the hilltop district of Montmartre for a taste of local life with its charming cottages and winding streets.

Alternatively, stroll along Cannes’ famous Promenade des Anglais and indulge in the resort’s glamorous atmosphere. Then visit nearby Ile de Ré for pristine beaches, scenic villages and a serene atmosphere.


Greece seems built for holidays: its treasure trove of beaches and informal, family-embracing culture are hard to resist. But the country also has plenty to surprise, from its mountainous interior with a range of rewarding hikes to its sprawling islands brimming with history.

Car-free Hydra is the Nantucket of the Saronic Gulf, while Spetses, Poros and Aegina attract sailing aficionados. Then there are the Sporades, which have dark green pine trees, cute towns and azure waters.

Crete could be a separate country, with its own customs, cuisine and accent, but it’s easy to explore thanks to an extensive bus network. Its beaches are sublime – think Navagio, made famous by the book Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.


Thailand is a Southeast Asian gem that has it all. Here, beach vibes and classic traveler hangouts combine with pristine coral reefs, towering rainforest peaks and ornate temples. In Bangkok, an ultramodern cityscape rises beside opulent royal palaces and quaint canalside communities.

Away from the capital, cooler climes and jungle-clad mountain views await in Chiang Mai. Wake up early to see saffron-swathed monks on their alms rounds and wander round a labyrinth of woody temples adorned in filigree carving as ornate as Versailles’ rococo.

Further north, Kanchanaburi brims with history, including sections of the infamous Death Railway and the River Kwai Bridge. But it’s also a place to relax on a quiet beach or trek through dense vegetation to find famed cave temples.

The Maldives

Among the best holiday destinations in the world, The Maldives delivers on a promise of indisputable serenity and seclusion topped with a hearty volume of luxury. The azure seas, swaying palm trees and sunsets of the islands all add up to a place that makes you think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Start your trip in the pint-sized capital, Male, a buzzing hub of artisanal markets and historic mosques. From here, you can be whisked away to your opulent resort on Kunfunadhoo Island, where you’ll find cocktail decks and over-water villas.


India is home to a diverse array of holiday destinations that are a delight for all kinds of travellers. Be it history buffs, nature lovers or foodies, this diverse country has a lot to offer.

Known for its pristine beaches, hippie vibes and laidback lifestyle, Goa is frequented by tourists year-round. However, if you want to experience its true essence and charm, visit this paradise in winter when it’s less crowded.

Located in the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is one of India’s most beautiful and serene vacation spots. It boasts of stunning views, emerald green tea gardens and dense forests.


The country might look small on the map, but in terms of extraordinary sights and experiences it’s larger than life. From modern museums to mountainside temples and of course those famous springtime cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, Japan has so much to see and do that one visit is just not enough.

Wander the historic streets of Kyoto, home to a thousand temples, from monumental to meditative like Kinkaku-ji’s golden pavilion. Discover the stunning gardens of Kanazawa, known as the “Kyoto of the North,” or hike on the UNESCO-recognized Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route with its dual-pilgrim program to Spain’s Camino de Santiago.

The Hawaiian Islands

Hawaiian islands are a bucket list destination for many travelers but deciding which island to visit is tricky. Choosing the best one depends on whether you are looking for a fun and lively vacay or a relaxing retreat.

Oahu is a bustling island that’s home to the iconic beach of Waikiki, and it’s also where you’ll find shopping and high-end restaurants. Alternatively, Maui offers more luxurious resorts and an incredible lava flow at the Volcanoes National Park. Lastly, Kauai (known as the Garden Isle) is a quiet retreat that is ideal for nature lovers. best holiday destinations

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