TMW Maxwell developer is a new joint venture between SingHaiyi Group, Chip Eng Seng Corporation and Chuan Investments to develop the former Maxwell House, a 13-storey commercial building with 45 units. The enbloc of the property was sold to the joint venture partners at auction on 7 May 2021.

X-Rite Total Appearance Capture (TAC(tm)) ecosystem

The TAC ecosystem combines the TAC7 scanner, PANTORA(tm) Material Hub desktop application and Virtual Light Booth(tm) in a single box that provides a new level of precision and efficiency for physical material scans that can be shared across an expanding set of rendering applications including Next Limit Maxwell(tm). It is the world’s first solution to combine the accuracy of laser scanning with the ease of sharing appearance data through X-Rite’s award winning AxF file format.

Next Limit Maxwell Studio – Advanced Physically Correct Rendering Engine

The Next Limit Maxwell 5 Studio is an advanced physically correct rendering engine with a unique focus on the quality and speed of rendering. It uses Maxwell materials and physically correct lighting to create highly realistic images that can be used in all of your 3D and CAD applications.

Easily execute render jobs using the Maxwell Studio interface with Rhino, SketchUp Make and Pro. Alternatively, use the nifty Maxwell Studio plugins for all your 3D and CAD applications to easily integrate the best render engine in the industry into your workflow.

Maxwell Render for SketchUp – Integrated Rendering Technology | Free Download & Demo

The Maxwell Render is the first render engine designed to be fully integrated into SketchUp, bringing a new level of quality and convenience to the popular 3D design and visualization software. You can set the camera, lighting and environment, apply SketchUp or Maxwell MXM materials, and render and save image files. It is commonly used for product design, architectural and engineering visualization but also useful in the film, video game and animation industries.

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