Email alerts: This is one of the most important steps in the process of booking a ticket for a pre planned journey. If you are sure about your trip, then it’s advisable to book your tickets 3 months in advance. You can sign up for Email alerts to know about the best and cheapest airfare deals. If you are not sure about your destination, you can just sign up for Email alerts on low airfares to know the best deals from one destination to another.

Best Time to Book: Airfares are generally high on weekends, vacations and during festivals. The best deals and offers are usually available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Most of the sales for specific routes are released on Monday nights by airlines and travel agencies offer the best deals early in the week. So try your best to book on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesdays.

Best Time to Book in Advance: You can save more when you book tickets as early as possible. You can book cheaper 3-5 months in advance for International flights and 6-8 weeks in advance for domestic flights.

Compare with Low Cost Airlines: Search online for different airline services and compare to narrow it down for the best one that suits you. There are many low cost airlines like Ryanair, Tiger Airways and Southwest Airlines. Some people may not be comfortable with low cost air carriers as most of them do not offer food on board.

Ways to Book Tickets: There are many ways to book flight tickets. You can book at airline offices, through travel agents and online. It’s always best to book online for many reasons. You can save time and you can also check multiple sites to compare the rates as many travel agents may not provide information about budget airlines.

Plan Before Booking at Discount Rates: Before booking tickets you need to make sure of when you want to travel or whether there is a chance of changing travel dates. If you book tickets at discount rates you cannot change your tickets easily and also need to pay extra for changing.

Buy From Consolidators: Consolidators buy blocks of tickets from airline companies and sell those at discount rates. You can buy tickets from them to save more. A ticket consolidator’s details will be available in the newspaper’s travel section.

Confirm Flight Details: Before you leave for the airport you can ring the airline to confirm your ticket details and flight timings. Also carry a hard copy and photocopies of your ticket for safety. Egyptair flight booking

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