Cybersecurity is the practice of safeguarding computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems and data from attacks, hacks, ransomware, identity theft and more. It’s an important career field that works to ensure the safety of the modern, interconnected world we live in.

Data breaches and the loss of sensitive information are big concerns for organizations across sectors. They can damage a brand’s reputation, cause financial losses, and even put lives at risk. In the digital world, where much of this data is stored online, it can be particularly challenging to protect a business from hackers and criminals who are looking to steal or sell this information for their own gain.

The global cyber threat is constantly evolving at an unprecedented pace, as evidenced by a recent report that over 7.9 billion records were exposed during the first nine months of 2019. This information can be sold to other cybercriminals for their profit or used to commit other types of crimes, including corporate espionage, customer phishing and other malicious attacks.

To combat this growing problem, cybersecurity professionals are working tirelessly to create more robust protections for the modern workplace. These protective measures include firewalls, encryption and data backups. Backing up data regularly increases redundancy in the event of a breach, and encryption helps protect against the theft of data by unauthorized parties. Formally training staff is also a crucial piece of the cyber security puzzle, as it raises awareness about industry best practices, organizational procedures and policies and encourages reporting suspicious activities. SOCaaS

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