The eWarrants interface is the result of Governor DeWine’s Warrant Task Force and the InnovateOhio initiative to create a free, centralized, intuitive, responsive, fast and mobile friendly system that supports a more efficient, accurate and transparent warrant entry process for law enforcement, courts and clerks in Ohio’s 88 counties. The eWarrants system significantly reduces the time from when the warrant is issued in court until it is uploaded to the state’s LEADS and federal NCIC background-check systems. This increases the accuracy of information available to prevent inadvertent gun sales and improves officer safety and situational awareness.

Increased transparency: eWarrants allow for real-time communication and collaboration between officers, prosecutors, clerks and judges. This ensures that the information is always current and up-to-date and reduces the risk of miscommunication or errors in the issuance, processing, execution and service of warrants. Additionally, eWarrants can be integrated into RMS, CMS and CAD systems for easy access and instant updates.

Faster execution: eWarrants allow for faster processing of warrant requests, especially in emergency situations. This ensures that officers can respond immediately to a threat and take action before suspects are able to flee or cause harm.

Officers are able to create an eWarrant while still in the field, via their patrol vehicle’s laptop, and if needed, can communicate with a judge via a secure video conference from anywhere. This eliminates the need for the officer to return to the station or a courtroom, saves valuable police resources and enables a judge to review warrant requests in a more timely manner.

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