Throughout the centuries silver has been used in the crafting of Hanukkah lamps, Kiddush cups and other Judaica items. However for a number of reasons little of the silver Judaica created before the sixteenth century has survived. A major reason is that Jewish craftsmen and silversmiths were excluded from the gold and silversmith guilds within Europe. This meant that non-Jewish makers often created the ceremonial silver for use by Jewish families and synagogues. This also resulted in mistakes being made with the Hebrew inscriptions which would feature on this silver Judaica.

Today, Jewish silversmiths like Chen Hakesef continue to fashion a wide range of one-of-a-kind Judaica. Many of these pieces preserve the techniques and forms of ancient treasures while reflecting modern influences. Some of these designs even help recreate the utensils that were once used in the biblical Great Temple.

While Judaica is usually sold in traditional brick and mortar stores, most online establishments also carry a large selection of this type of jewelry. This includes Judaica pieces that are created from rose and yellow gold as well as various kinds of silver, such as aluminum. In Judaism, certain colors are intended to signify different things, and silver is designed to symbolize moral innocence and holiness.

In addition to the traditional types of silver judaica, most brick and mortar and online stores that offer this jewelry also sell special Judaica for children. This includes items such as Kiddush cups and dreidels that are specially crafted to fit the needs of children.

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