A sales professional’s soft skills play a critical role in their success. From delivering a powerful and engaging presentation to connecting with a customer, there are many ways that salespeople can improve their abilities.

Selling is an incredibly important and highly impactful professional activity that can be found in every industry. In fact, most people have a story to tell about how a great salesperson made their buying decision easy and effortless. These stories typically include details about how the salesperson listened to the buyer, asked insightful questions, provided accurate information and connected the product/service with their stated or unstated needs.

The ability to listen effectively is one of the most important sales skills you can have. Listening to customers’ needs is essential in building trust and creating long-term relationships. It also helps your sales associates understand their prospects and how to best meet those needs. For example, if you’re selling an energy efficient heater or air conditioner, your salesperson might be able to demonstrate how the investment will save the client money on their electricity and gas bills.

In the field of sales, there is much debate about the importance of certain selling skills versus others. Nevertheless, the following are seven verified seller skill levels that companies should focus on improving: communication (including written and verbal), product knowledge, customer knowledge, questioning skills, adaptability, presentation skills, and use of sales technology. Moreover, it’s important to note that these skill levels are interrelated and should be improved in tandem to maximize sales performance. Freelance

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