If you’re looking to add some ooh-la-la flair to your home decor without spending too much time on it, a well-chosen runner rug can be just what the doctor ordered. Not only are they great for creating a warm, cozy entrance to your home but they also serve as the perfect way to tie together the furniture and color schemes in an entryway or long hallway.

A runner is a carpet that’s typically much longer than it is wide, which makes it ideal for lengthy spaces like hallways and even stairs. They’re available in a variety of colors, textures and materials so that you can find one that suits your space perfectly. They can also be found in a large selection of patterns, from more traditional oriental styles to more modern geometric designs. In addition, you can choose from runners with a low pile (like flat woven or jute rugs) as well as those with medium and high pile for a more plush and luxurious feeling.

Hallways are perhaps the most popular place to use a runner rug because they’re the quickest and easiest way to transform your drab hallway into a beautiful space. However, they’re just as often rolled out on kitchen floors to offer some extra comfort and warmth beneath your feet while you’re cooking or working in the kitchen. They’re also a great solution for galley-style kitchens or those with an island, especially when you want to make it easier to reach your sink, stove and other appliances.

Indoor/outdoor runner rugs are also a common choice for patios, balconies and small porches. They’re perfect for adding a pop of color to any outdoor space and can help define a cozy spot for some potted plants, a comfy bench with canvas pillows or a simple table where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. These rugs are also a great choice for apartment patios or tiny fenced-in backyards since they can protect your floor from rain and sun while offering an elegant look.

Those who have pets may prefer to choose a runner with a high-pile or shag option, as this will be able to hide any dirt and messes more effectively. This type of runner rug is also usually machine-washable, which is great for those with dogs or cats who shed a lot of hair.

Runner rugs are a great way to add texture, pattern and color to any space and they’re also easy to install in most homes. Just be sure to measure your space carefully before purchasing a rug so that it’s the right size for your room. You don’t want your runner to be too short or too long, as this will throw off the entire look of the area. Moreover, using a rug pad will keep your runner in place and give it some added plush while helping to reduce any noise or movement from traffic and people walking over it. For those who don’t want to use a rug pad, a good option is to use rug tape to secure it in place.

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