Reformer pilates wollongong is a body conditioning exercise programme using controlled movements & deliberate breathing patterns to create balanced strength & flexibility. This is a low impact, core strengthening workout & if correctly performed provides long term benefits to improve posture, increase flexibility, help reduce injury & have more energy! These classes are slower than cardio/fitness based classes and will use a range of equipment including the reformer.

KX Pilates has developed a strong following in Wollongong for its reformer based classes and have a range of casual passes, packs & memberships to suit everyone. With a team of highly qualified instructors you can be sure that the classes are both safe & challenging, with an emphasis on correct form for maximum benefits. There is also hands-on instruction during the class to ensure that you learn how to move your body with maximum control & precision.

There are a number of different class options at KX, from the Beginners Course for those who have never tried Pilates before to the Advanced classes that will challenge you both physically & mentally. The Sculpt class is perfect for those with shortened tight muscles and the Fascia Release classes are fantastic for increasing your general flexibility. There is even a special Pre Natal class for those returning to exercise post pregnancy – it’s not just about getting back your pre-pregnancy body!

Savvy Fitness have recently merged with Amplified Health, providing their members with access to a range of allied health services including physiotherapy, massage and clinical nutrition. The Savvy Fitness team is dedicated to delivering quality fitness and wellness outcomes through premium facilities, expert coaches and support services. They are also known for their strong community focus and the 3 C’s – Community, Coaching, Care – with regular social events to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your fitness goals.

With the introduction of Reformer Pilates in their studios they have taken their already popular classes to a new level with increased intensity and added variety. The reformer allows you to tailor your workout via the inbuilt spring loaded resistance and the range of exercises that can be done both on the mat or on a piece of equipment like an elastic band, Pilates ball or small hand weights. Their popular Pause class is a great low impact option for women going through the unique hormonal changes of peri-menopause and menopause.

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