MMA fighters are well-versed in many different skills, including striking and grappling. They need gloves that are thick enough for both sparring and heavy bag work, yet still allow the fingers to flex in order to grip pads and punch the bag. Typically, standard MMA gloves are too thin for this type of use and leave the second knuckle exposed to scraping on a heavy bag or even on a training partner. Luckily, there are several high-quality MMA glove brands that have made it their business to make gloves specifically for heavy bag and grappling work.

For example, Revgear has a pair of gloves called the MS1 that are ideal for MMA sparring and also have a great feel for heavy bag work. The gloves have a compact outside size for 7 ounces and feature good padding that is thick enough for heavy bag work without being overly bulky. They have a small pocket on the thumb that allows the thumb to move freely, which is important for MMA training. They are easy to break in and are a great value for an MMA glove.

Another option is the Fairtex gloves, which offer a similar feel to the MS1 with a more rugged, durable design. The leather is made from genuine goatskin but is also available in synthetic for those who prefer not to train with animal products. The padding is thicker than most MMA gloves, and Fairtex has a special three-layer design that absorbs impact. This helps fighters maintain a healthy level of resistance while hitting the heavy bag. They do have a slightly long break-in period but they are very comfortable and provide solid wrist support.Gants mma sac de frappe

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