Private live-in Carers are a great way for elderly people to stay in their homes and have an extra level of care at home. This means someone is there to help with any personal needs, like helping them bath or get dressed and can also assist with housekeeping tasks. This can give families peace of mind and allows them to spend time with their loved ones too.

There are a few different routes to arrange private live-in care, including using a private agency to help source the best possible fit, asking for recommendations from friends or family members or even finding someone through word of mouth. It’s important to find a carer who will be comfortable with your loved one and they can build up a strong bond. This is especially important for those with memory-loss conditions such as dementia, where a familiar face can make them feel more at ease and help prevent any confusion or anxiety that could arise from meeting new carers on a regular basis.

The exact duties and responsibilities will vary from client to client, so it’s important to consider what your loved one might need, such as help with mobility, medication reminders or help getting dressed. Some clients may require 24-hour care, which is where two carers are on hand around the clock or specialist nursing support. Often, a homecare nurse will work alongside a private carer, so you can be sure your loved one will be receiving the best possible care. Private live-in Carers

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