Why you should invest in a good printed carrier bag

A printed carrier bag is one of the few forms of marketing that ALL of your customers will use. As they make a purchase from your brand, shop or store it will be the last interaction they are likely to have with your brand.

When they get home they will make a decision about whether they keep your bag or throw it away.

A brand which invests in its bags is likely to have their customer keep that carrier bag and re-use it again and again. This means that your brand or store will be advertised everywhere. This is in fact a powerful marketing tool so you must learn how to use it to your advantage.

You should ensure that the type of the carrier bag fits in with your brand. Selling luxury clothing means you should never have a plastic carrier bag or even a paper carrier bag. Instead you should go for a handmade printed bag with a nice rope handle.

Alternatively if you are selling earthy, organic products you should go for a recycled or FSC approved paper carrier bag.

Once you have decided what type of bag you want you should think about the design. You should employ an agency who will understand how to set the bag artwork and communicate a clear marketing message. Promote your website or your shop address. Alternatively use the bag to create mystic and curiosity in your brand and get the customer to find out who are what your brand is about.

Once the design is approved you should go and get quotations but be careful here. Don’t just look at the cheapest price. Like most products there is a huge variation in the quality of bags on the market. You should always ask for samples and discuss the design with a manufacturer. They should be able to suggest ways to print the design in the best possible way.

A good supplier should understand what is important for you; price, style, delivery timeline and work out the best way to print based on this information.

You should always ask to see a sample of the printed carrier bag before the final production and once you have approved and it are happy the bags should be put into full production.

When it comes to pricing, the biggest factor in having a cheap price is always the quantity that you produce. The more bags you produce the lower the price. Ideally the cheapest bag prices start from when you order 3000+ units of one size or design.

Most importantly, remember not to rush the process. The bags are an important part of retail and they are used daily so you must be happy with them. Waiting a few weeks more for a luxury carrier bag is worth the wait when you see your customer walking around the High Street happily advertising your brand.

There are some other handy useful tips that i would like to add for when you order your bags.

1. Think about the rest of stationary. What does it look like and how is it printed – try to keep your bags consistent with everything else.
2. Print a colour on the inside of the bag. A bag which is white on the inside almost always looks much cheaper than a bag with a print on the inside.
3. Look at the handles on the bag. They should feel nice in your hands and be the right length.
4. Think about the packing of your bag. Most bags should be packed in boxes of 50 or 100 – anymore than that and they can take up a lot of space. Michael Kors tote

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