Old watches are like a slice of history, and when you wear one, it’s like you’re wearing a part of history right on your body. The intricate tiny engineering contained inside is a thing of beauty, and for those who appreciate it, antique watches are an enjoyable fashion piece to wear.

Others don’t so much get their enjoyment by wearing the old watches as they do collecting them and the stories and history surrounding them. And still yet, others resell them, turning a tidy profit by investing and reselling them to other vintage time piece enthusiasts and collectors.

Antique watches come in many shapes and sizes, but whenever buying one, you need to be mindful that some vendors out there are looking to sell you fake copies of old watches–counterfeits–hoping to turn a quick buck while conning you with a fake product. It’s in your best interests to take a little time and educate yourself before buying: the fake watches tend to use lighter, cheaper components; they typically don’t have the bevelled logo like real antique luxury watches; and they don’t have a serial number that checks out in the official database of that particular watch company–which you can often check out on your own, online, with a quick search by going to google.com and typing in the name of the watch company, followed by the words “serial number”, and then clicking one of the listings that appears that will give you either an option to search for any serial number to see if it’s an authentic or else a listing of all the authentic watch serial numbers ever in production.

It’s best to get a lot of info about the watch you want to buy upfront when dealing with a seller and make a choice after everything checks out and you’re convinced the watch is an authentic. But again, to be able to do that, you must first educate yourself on the product and familiarize yourself with it as much as you can, so you’re able to see if you’re dealing with a fake when you’re shopping around or if it’s the real, authentic product.

One more thing to keep in mind with vintage watches is that they typically require a little more maintenance than modern watches. For one, you usually have to wind them up regularly. You must also care for them better by keeping them cleaner than an ordinary modern watch because of the delicate internal system of gears and fine parts housed inside the casing. If the inside gets dirty, you’re basically hosed until you can get it cleaned by a watch repair center. Old watches are a bit higher maintenance like this, but for many, they’re more than worth the extra effort just for how much more character and charm they have over the army of plain, boring watches being sold in stores today. Just make sure that, if you’re going to buy an antique watch, you do your research first and ensure that you are getting a genuine product and not inadvertently supporting and propagating the black market industry of counterfeit watches. Omega watch repair near me

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