Every morning, men make a seemingly mundane yet crucial decision: what to wear. Most pull out a charcoal, navy or black suit from the closet—an unremarkable but culturally-accepted form of office attire for men. Others add a touch of style with a polka dot pocket square or colorful socks.

Increasingly, men are seeking out clothes that feel less contrived, less tailored and more like the clothing they’d actually wear. They want quality construction, a comfortable fit, and stylish options. And they’re willing to pay for it. As a result, many new men’s clothing brands have emerged to serve this need.

A few notable ones to watch include Alabama-based haberdasher Billy Reid, which offers timelessly elevated classics that work for any man’s wardrobe; online basics purveyor Bonobos; and Quince, which promises “high quality essentials at a radically low price.”

Men’s clothing companies are also focusing on sustainability. For example, Seattle-based Taylor Stitch offers versatile clothing that can handle chopping wood, surfing sessions, snagging trout or heading to the office. The brand uses only the best materials that are sourced with integrity and made locally to ensure quality and reduce waste.

As a bonus, these new men’s clothing companies are smarting up and realizing that most people prefer to do their shopping with one stop shops, rather than visiting individual websites or stores. They’re also offering a wide range of shoes and accessories, to round out a man’s wardrobe. And they’re making the process of buying clothes online as convenient as possible by ensuring that their products are available on mobile devices. men’s bamboo clothing

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