Many times, job seekers are told to “reach out to your network,” but what does that really mean? Networking is the process of creating professional relationships that can be beneficial in finding a new job. These connections can be current and former colleagues, school (students, professors, alumni) or business-related contacts, and personal friends.

During networking, it is important to connect with people who share common interests and values. This can be achieved by participating in industry events and conferences, reading journal articles, and following social media accounts of professionals in your desired career field. Having these interactions will allow you to stay up-to-date on the latest in your field, as well as build relationships with others who may be able to assist you in the job search.

Job seeker’s should also remember that it is important to follow up with each new contact. This can be done through email or by giving them a call. This will allow you to keep in touch, thank them for their time, and update them on your job search progress. Additionally, it will give your connection a sense of responsibility and commitment to helping you succeed.

The final benefit of networking is that it can provide job seekers with access to opportunities that are not advertised. This can be particularly helpful for individuals seeking employment in a competitive domain or industry. In addition, networking can also provide job seekers with valuable career advice and mentorship. Networking for job seekers

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