When it comes to moving, getting an accurate quote is essential. You need to know how much movers are likely to charge for services so you can plan accordingly and make sure your budget is intact throughout the process.

Cost estimates are usually computed based on how large your household is, the date of your move and how far you’re moving. They will also take into account any specialty add-ons you may want to include, like packing and storage services. You can find a basic estimate by entering your move details into a company’s online calculator. However, the most precise moving quotes are typically based on an in-home or virtual survey of your household. This provides the most accurate price for your specific move.

Regardless of how you obtain your moving quotes near me, be sure to ask the company about their pricing policy. For example, some companies only offer a non-binding quote, which means that your move costs could change at the last minute. On the other hand, some companies will provide a binding quote that guarantees a certain maximum amount of expenses that you can’t go over.

Some companies will also provide discounts if you’re a new customer or are a student or active military member. Be sure to ask about these and other possible promotions. In addition, it’s worth looking at customer reviews on Google, Yelp and social media. You’ll want to see if there are any consistent negative or positive trends about the company you’re considering for your move.

Allied is a great choice for those interested in a national or cross-country move. They have been in business for over 90 years and can help with any type of relocation. They have a convenient in-home survey called Instaquote that allows you to get a fast and reliable price for your move.

You can also use Instaquote to get a price for car shipping with several top-rated companies. It’s a good idea to compare multiple quotes as prices can differ significantly between moving companies. In general, the longer your move is and the more items you have to ship, the higher your cost will be.

Other factors that can influence the price of your move are the season and day of your move. Summer is a peak moving season and weekend moves tend to be more expensive than weekday moves. Try to be as flexible as you can with your moving dates to keep your costs down. You can also save on moving fees by doing things like donating, selling or trashing unnecessary items before your move. Lastly, be sure to factor in fuel and labor costs when requesting a moving quote. These can be expensive when compared to the actual cost of your move. By following these tips, you’ll be able to get a more accurate moving quote and ensure that your moving costs stay within your budget.

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