Whether you are looking to add a contemporary touch to your home or just want to upgrade the look of your existing doors, these Modern Interior Doors will give you the perfect solution. These doors are designed to last and can be customized in many ways to match your style.

Choosing the right door is essential when it comes to your interior design because this is something that will be opened and closed multiple times a day for years. These doors will be a key element in your overall design. These doors can create a focal point, add character or make a room look larger and more spacious.

The most popular style of door is the panel door. These doors are typically made of 2+ panels with a variety of edge work designs like grooves, ribs and arcs. These doors have been around for centuries and are still a popular choice today. They can be paired with more traditional door knobs and handles to create a more classic look or they can be painted with a dark color to have a modern look.

These interior doors are made of wood, wood composite or fiberglass on the outside with a hollow core inside. They are more substantial than their hollow counterparts and offer a little more sound reduction. These doors are available in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes and are the least expensive interior doors on the market. They can be made to have an acoustic seal to further reduce noise. Sliding doors are great for closets or rooms where you do not have space to fit a swinging door. They are available in a variety of styles and can be mirrored to help a small room look bigger.

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