Online mba programs provide students the opportunity to pursue an MBA without interrupting their careers, family or other commitments. An online mba program offers the same rigorous course work and career-launching skills as a traditional MBA, but allows you to study on your own time. It’s best suited for self-motivated individuals with good organizational skills and solid Internet connections.

While mba online is a great option for many working professionals, not everyone is cut out for it. Some people learn better when they can make in-person connections with fellow classmates and teachers, and some may struggle to find reliable internet connections or a computer that is fast enough for navigating course platforms and researching for class assignments.

Some mba online programs also require a brief in-person residency at the university’s main campus or an international field study to help students make connections in person and gain hands-on business experience. If you decide to pursue an online mba, be sure to choose a program that values its online students as much as it values its on-campus students.

In addition to the core curriculum, some mba online programs offer options like a specialization that helps students focus their studies in a particular area of business management. For example, a real estate specialization within an online mba offered by Florida State University allows students to take nine additional credits that can be applied towards their degree. These specialized courses allow students to become more marketable in certain industries, which can be particularly beneficial for those interested in pursuing a career change or professional advancement.

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