Residents have begun moving into Vestra at UnCommons, the stylish smart home community in Southwest Las Vegas designed by internationally renowned architecture firm EDI International.

Matter residences, which are the first homes built with Matter technology, feature a mix of lighting and appliances from the likes of LG, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings and Nanoleaf. There’s also smart heating and cooling from the likes of eWelink and Aqara, as well as locks and security devices from Yale and Eve Systems.

The big four platforms all support Matter, and most existing smart voice assistants will work with it too (with some exceptions that might require hardware changes or new hubs). You’ll also be able to control your Matter devices via an app from a company that supports the standard, including TP-Link’s Tapo, Wiser, Aqara and the CSA-backed Smart Assistant app.

In addition to facilitating interoperability, the Matter alliance wants to make the smart home more reliable and secure. That’s partly why the group chose Thread for communication between devices; the low-power mesh networking tech is an ideal choice for battery-powered devices and uses AES encryption backed by banking-standard public keys.

As with other smart home protocols, you’ll need a controller to manage communications and automations between Matter devices. Existing hubs, bridges and smart speakers from the likes of Apple, Amazon and Google can act as Matter controllers, and many have already updated their apps to do so. The upcoming second-generation Nest Hub Max and the 4th-gen Amazon Echo Dot and HomePod Mini both have Thread baked into them, as do smart displays from a number of brands such as Nanoleaf, Tuya, Schneider and Eve. matter residences

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