German is spoken by 100 million people worldwide, and is one of the most widely taught languages in Europe. Whether you are planning a trip to Germany or just want to brush up on your Deutsch, you can learn this language at a variety of schools and private language teachers in London.

If you are looking to take your learning to the next level, consider taking a lesson with a native speaker, such as those offered by the City Literary Institute and Westminster German School. These classes actively practice language immersion, with the teacher using only German to give instruction and direction. This will challenge you, but will also help to improve your vocabulary and grammar. These lessons are available for students from beginner to intermediate levels and include a short refresher course as well.

Another option for a more tailored approach to learning German is to take private lessons with a teacher from a company like First Tutors. This company helps connect students with local private language tutors across the UK, for both popular subjects such as English and Chemistry and less-taught subjects such as Latin.

Taking private German lessons will allow you to receive personalized attention from your teacher and work at your own pace. This will be especially helpful if you are struggling with specific aspects of the language, such as German prepositions, that can seem insignificant and abstract but can make a huge difference to how your sentences flow. Moreover, these private lessons will allow you to stay motivated and focused on your goals, as learning a language takes time and dedication. German lessons London

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