Sir / Madam”Hollywood has had it with cancer,” screams USA Today in its July 29, 2008 issue concerning celebrities that have vowed to conquer cancer.Just as in the general population, there has been a growing epidemic of cancer among celebrities and public figures, such as in the recent cases of Patrick Swayze, Cristina Applegate, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Farrah Fawcett, Ted Kennedy, Kylie Minogue, Rudy Giuliani, Lance Armstrong, just to name a few. Even more celebrities have lost loved ones to cancer, such as:Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell (who all lost their mothers to cancer); Paul McCartney (who lost his first wife, Linda, to breast cancer); CBS news anchor Katie Couric (who lost her husband to colon cancer); American Idol David Cook (who lost his maternal grandfather to lung cancer); Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News (who lost his mother tolymphoma and his sister to breast cancer); S. Epatha Merkerson of “Law and Order” (who lost 2 of her very best friends to lung cancer) … and the list goes on.Cancer has become a much bigger threat to human lives — and has caused more deaths — than all the wars of the world combined.  In the U.S. alone, every 60 seconds, someone diesfrom cancer — and that’s like losing as many people as wedid on 9/11 every 2 days.Here’s another grim statistic:  Eevery 3 minutes, someone new is diagnosed with cancer.  Is it any wonder, then, that celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, America Ferrera, Meryl Streep, Lance Armstrong, Scarlett Johansson, Forest Whitaker, Hilary Swank, Charlize Theron and dozens of other big-name celebrities banded together to put an end to cancer during a one-hour television special titled “Stand Up 2 Cancer?”  The telethon aired on Friday,September 5, 2008, on all 3 networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) to raise funds for cancer research.The problem with raising funds for cancer research is this: The funds eventually go towards cancer research that does NOT cure cancer.  In the 95 years that health organizations like the American Cancer Society have been dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem, there has been VERY LITTLEPROGRESS made in the curing of the deadly disease.  Instead, the incidence of cancer has grown exponentially over the last hundredyears. A single cancer fundraising campaign, such as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, for instance, raises approximately $150 million in funds for cancer research.  Tens of billions of dollars have beenraised by all the fundraising campaigns combined – and yet, according to the American Cancer Society, there’s still a 41% probability that an individual, male or female, will develop cancer in his or her lifetime (or die from it)!Why have all the billions of dollars raised for cancer research been FUTILE in curing cancer?Many people, including the Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, Dr. Samuel Epstein, state that the priorities of health organizations that claim to be dedicated to finding a cancer cure are “economically motivated, and reflectconflicts of interests with the pharmaceutical industry, the pesticide industry, and the mammography industry.”Another reason why attempts at curing cancer have been futile thus far is because the funds raised have been allocated to raising public awareness of the merits of the 3 conventionalcancer therapies – that is, chemotherapy, fenben powder

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