A boiling water tap (or kettle replacement) is a 3-in-1 kitchen tap that dispenses regular hot and cold water and instant 98+ degree filtered boiling water with just the press of an additional lever. Usually plumbed directly into your water supply they can be fed with either fresh or stored hot water to reduce the risk of limescale build up and to ensure the highest quality drinking water.

They can save energy by not having to boil a kettle and they are particularly good for larger homes where the water has to travel a long way to reach your kitchen, wasting litres in the process. The average kettle can take up to 10 minutes to heat up and many people tend to boil far more than they need, but these taps will dispense only what you need in an instant, saving money, time and energy.

One of the most common misconceptions about these taps is that they actually dispense water at boiling point, but this is not the case; in reality the water is generally around 92-100 degrees Celsius, or near boiling. Having said that, they are still much quicker to use and safer than using a kettle.

Safety is a key concern with these taps and, thankfully, most manufacturers have taken this into account. Typically, the controls for the boiling water are very distinct from those of the regular taps and they are designed to only be switched on with very deliberate movements to minimise the risk of accidental scalding. Instant boiling water tap

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