A website’s success depends heavily on its visibility. Whether you are using PPC ads or optimizing your website to appear on the top of the search results, the visibility of your website is going to determine the success of your website and your business. 

While you are going to do everything necessary to increase the visibility of your website, there is one thing you’re probably not going to pay that much attention to and that is to optimize the images of your website for google image search. 

While optimizing your website for search engine results you also need to make sure that the images of your website are optimized to appear on the search results for relevant queries. In the present day, the audience loves to consume content in image format. And if you are able to provide them with relevant image content then the popularity of your website is definitely going to increase. 

So how are you going to optimize the images of your website for google search results? Well, here are 5 ways for you to achieve just that. 

  • Compress The Image

Even though internet speed and connectivity are getting better and better with the times, and Responsive web design optimizes the websites for mobile phones, it is still not a valid reason to have an uncompressed image on your website. Not compressing the images before uploading them on the website will cause the website to slow down and delay in image loading. 

The fast loading of the image on the website is part of the user experience. The user is not going to wait until the image loads. They will find another alternative to your website and leave your website without hesitation. 

So make sure that all the images that you upload on your website are well optimized and compressed. Remember that the images on your website make up the part of your user experience and compromising which means compromising the performance of the website.

  • Optimizing The Filename

Image optimization for the image search results begins even before the web development process. You have to change the file name. This is because when Google Bot crawls your website, it does not read the image or what it contains, but the name of the image file. And as a result, you have to optimize the file name to let the Google Bot know what the image is about so that it can display the image for proper search engine queries.  best clipping path service

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