Skiff rental is an activity where people rent a boat for a set period of time. It is a popular pastime in tourist areas, where boats are rented for hours up to a day. The price of a skiff rental varies depending on the size of the boat and the location. Typically, larger boat rentals cost more than smaller ones. Renters must pay a deposit and abide by all U.S. Coast Guard rules when renting a boat. They may also be required to show proof of insurance and a license. It is a good idea to do a little pre-rental reconnaissance by visiting the body of water where you plan to boat. Check which types and lengths of boats are most common and ask a local boating group on social media or Reddit what the boating rules are for that specific area.

The most important part of running a successful skiff rental business is to provide excellent customer service. This can be achieved by clearly communicating the rules, safety guidelines and expectations to your customers through every step of their experience, including booking, safety briefing, and boarding. In addition to clear communication, it is essential that your staff are friendly and professional at all times to ensure a positive guest experience.

Finally, it is helpful to establish relationships with local authorities that oversee the docks and waters where you operate your skiff rentals. This can help you avoid potential problems and legal issues that could disrupt your operation. It is particularly crucial to engage with stakeholders who are concerned about noise disturbances and inexperienced operators causing disruptions on their lakes.

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