A baby photo is a great way to preserve memories of a special time in your life. You can use your baby photo to make an album, share it with friends and family or keep it as a memento of a happy time. When choosing a photo, consider the subject of your baby, how you would like to display it, and any other important details.

Newborns are best photographed within the first two weeks of life, when they are still floppy and can be easily posed. However, infants after this point are more active and able to stretch, roll and become fussy. You may also need to have more props, and posing them can be more difficult.

Some photographers recommend bringing along a posing bean bag, which is soft and safe for newborns, to help you get the perfect pose. Other props that are often used in newborn photos include blankets, hats, and bows.

Another great idea is to take a series of shots with different poses and then edit them into a single image. This will give you a unique shot that will show off your baby’s personality. You can also try adding some blur to the background of your images to make them more creative.

Some photographers also like to capture a short video of the newborn, as this is a wonderful way to preserve the moment for their clients. You can add details of the pregnancy, dates from the scans and fun facts such as ‘this baby is 20 weeks old and the same length as a banana’ to really make it special for your client.

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