Whipped soaps have been all the rage for the past year or so. Their gossamer textures, swirls of bold colour and beautiful scents combine to transform your bathroom experience into a true pampering session. Infused with Bathhouse fragrances and oils, they cleanse your skin while leaving it soft, supple, and beautifully scented. Unlike liquid or bar soaps, whipped soaps have a unique texture that feels more like a cross between soap and shaving cream.

The whipped soap base is very forgiving and allows you to add many different oils, butters and colours without negatively impacting the lather significantly. This makes it an ideal base for a variety of soap bar variations, body scrubs and salts and sugars body wash variations. It also makes the perfect base for a facial scrub or shave foam, provided you adjust your recipe slightly.

To make your own whipped soap, mix the SCI powder, stearic acid and tetrasodium EDTA in a double boiler until fully melted. Once cooled, use an immersion blender to blend to a light, fluffy texture. If you are adding a preservative, do so now and then whisk again until blended in thoroughly.

Add your chosen fragrance and colour and stir to incorporate. If desired, you can use a hand mixer for this step. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and cover with cling wrap, making sure it covers all of the surface area. Leave to thicken overnight. If whipped soap is made in a clean, safe environment and stored properly, it should last for 12 months. Best Whipped Soap

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