The Nintendo 3DS is a groundbreaking piece of hardware that has revolutionized the portable gaming industry. It features real 3D graphics, wireless communication and doesn’t require special glasses. This is the perfect gadget for everyone!

Screen size

The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld game console. It has a touchscreen and can also display 3D images. This is the first handheld system since the Game Boy Advance that has a tablet-style design.

The new 3DS model has a screen that is about one inch wider than the previous model, and about a half an inch thinner. You can adjust the depth of the 3D visuals. Each user will have their own “sweet spot” for the 3DS.

Besides its bigger size, the New 3DS offers additional control options, including face recognition. You can also change the brightness and color of the visuals. There are also colored buttons on the lower screen.

A feature known as Super Stable 3D was also added to the new 3DS. The screen can be raised in the exact form to achieve a 3D effect. Another feature is that you can hold the unit 10 to 14 inches away from your eyes. Using this feature, you can see a map and other details on the lower screen.

If you are looking for a large-screen handheld, the 3DS XL is your best option. The screen measures 4.18 inches. However, if you are used to playing games on a smaller screen, you may find the 3DS XL’s screen too large.

The 3DS XL is also known as the iQue 3DS XL in China. Although the XL is still available, you can now purchase the standard models online. They are also sold at some retailers. While the XL has a higher PPI value, the non-XL versions have a higher overall resolution. That means you can get a more complete gaming experience.

Overall, the Nintendo 3DS is a decent portable console that is a lot of fun. It has been out for about two years and is still widely available.

Battery size

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s venerable 3DS handheld has a storied lifespan. Thankfully, you can tinker with the hardware and reclaim your glory with a battery replacement. While we’re at it, why not consider an upgrade to the max? The new model, dubbed the New Nintendo 3DS XL, features a sleeker look, newer components, and a bigger screen, albeit with the same old features. With an estimated retail price of $499.99, this isn’t something you’ll want to skimp on. Plus, with a little research, you can find the best deals on replacement parts. And, the best part is, you won’t have to leave your home to get the job done.
Repair support

In case you haven’t heard, Nintendo is discontinuing their 3DS line of handheld gaming consoles in favor of their more robust and costlier Switch. For gamers who haven’t already migrated across the Pacific, you might want to lock up the old one – you might even enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, if you are among those who aren’t quite ready to hang it up, you might want to look into Nintendo 3DS repair options before you go down that road.

While Nintendo isn’t releasing any new models for the foreseeable future, it does have a number of third-party shops that specialize in 3DS repairs. As a result, you may want to take advantage of these services to get your beloved 3D game console back on track in no time. If you aren’t the type who likes to take on a repair on your own, consider opting for a pickup or drop off.
Trade-in values

The latest edition of the Nintendo Wii is a long way from its forebears. So what is the trade-in value on this newer model? Well, the good folks at GameStop have a plan. They aren’t stingy with their cash, and will reward you for trading in your old Nintendo 3DS or DSi. If you are in the market for a brand spanking new Wii, or a new game system altogether, this is the place to shop.

For starters, you have the option of trading in your beloved Wii for a credit towards the purchase of the newer and improved DSi XL. You’ll also be given a cool $100 toward the purchase of the 3DS XL, a feat unheard of in the past. It’s a small price to pay for a new gaming system. Plus, you’ll be able to snag a discount on the latest games and accessories. And, best of all, you’ll be able to pick your own games – or, you can noodle around with the in-store gaming concierge. With that said, how can you pick out the right one for you? Luckily, GameStop has an extensive network of stores across the country. So if you’re in the market for a new Wii, DSi XL, or any Nintendo esquaptable, you’ll be sure to find a store near you. Plus, GameStop is open until close, and will even give you a ten percent bonus on your purchase.

Special editions

The Nintendo 3ds is a handheld console which was released in 2011. There are several versions of the system available, including New and 2DS, along with a wide range of special editions. They are typically designed after a game or character.

One of the earliest special editions of the Nintendo 3ds is the Fire Emblem: Awakening. This model has a glossy mirror finish and features a Falchion sword, which is the weapon of King Marth. It is available in the US and EU after Awakening’s release in those regions.

Another limited edition was the Mew, which was inspired by the Legendary Pokemon Mew. It features a metallic and pink-toned lavender shade. Typically, this model costs $1,299, but it can be found for less.

Another variant was the Monster Hunter 4: Special. This was a promotional model, which featured a unique pattern, as well as icons for monsters such as Gore Magala.

In addition, there is a “Galaxy Style” version, which was released in 2018. This model is the same size as the original, but features a galaxy on top of the screen.

Many of the special editions of the Nintendo 3ds are still popular, and you can find them relatively cheaply pre-owned. However, some of the accessories are extremely rare.

The Monster Hunter series has always been a hit in Japan, but it was only in the West when it was introduced in Monster Hunter World. Since then, the franchise has become very popular in the West.

Animal Crossing has also had its share of limited edition consoles. It was only sold in Europe and Japan, and features a hollowed-out Nook leaf in the center. Along with a welcome amiibo, it comes packaged with a 4GB microSD card.

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