Across the nation, people are embracing holistic healing over conventional healthcare practices. This distinct style of medicine blends age-old healing arts with modern medical research and technology to promote the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. It can alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve a person’s overall well-being. Unlike traditional doctors who use formal tests and standardized treatments to treat each illness, holistic practitioners view every patient as an individual with their own unique health needs. A holistic doctor’s primary goal is to identify and correct the underlying cause of an illness instead of masking symptoms with medications.

Holistic Practitioners Understand the Power of the Mind Body Connection

The human mind, emotions, and spirit all impact a patient’s physical health. Holistic practitioners take into account these factors in each patient they meet. They teach patients how to maintain a positive attitude and how to practice emotional wellness to help them heal faster. They also encourage patients to practice meditation and mindfulness techniques that can improve a patient’s mental and spiritual health.

These specialized doctors offer natural solutions and herbal remedies to heal the entire body, not just masking symptoms. This type of care has helped thousands of people around the world overcome chronic disease and autoimmune disorders. By combining modern scientifically-proven symptom tracking tools, with an integrative approach that includes acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional counseling and homeopathic remedies, a holistic practitioner can provide a complete treatment plan for each patient.

Holistic practitioners have a low patient volume so they can spend ample time with each of their clients. This allows them to review a patient’s full medical history, choose the best healing tools for them, and alter the course of their treatment if necessary. In addition, the practice of holistic medicine uses a variety of different treatment modalities such as herbal remedies, dietary supplements, exercise, mind and body therapy, chiropractic care, craniosacral therapy, and many more. holistic medicine austin

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