When it comes to Groomsmen suits, there are a few different options available. One popular choice is a rental company like The Black Tux, which offers both rentals and purchase options for your wedding party. They offer a variety of suit styles, and can provide a suit to each of your groomsmen for them to try on ten days before the big day to make sure it’s a perfect fit. They also have a number of showrooms where you can visit to get sizing help in person.

Another option is to opt for a fully custom-made suit or tuxedo from a brand like State & Liberty. They use performance fabrics for their suit and tuxedo styles, making them comfortable and wrinkle-resistant. They also offer a variety of colors, and even allow you to customize the cuff and collar monogramming. These suits are often more expensive than their rental counterparts, but they can look just as good.

A dress shirt is an essential part of any suit, and choosing the right style can really elevate the entire outfit. Consider whether or not your friends will need to wear ties or bow ties, and pick out a color that complements the rest of the ensemble (white is always a safe bet). You’ll want to think about cuff and collar buttons, too: French cuffs are more formal while button cuffs are casual.

If your friends are on the casual side, you can go jacket-less with a pair of suspenders. They aren’t as formal as a blazer but they’re more polished than a tee shirt and are great for wearing with pants or suit shorts. Groomsmen suits

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