The golden visa in Spain is the residence permit process for investors that has gained the most popularity. Many European countries offer the option of this program, and the golden visa in Barcelona has a very direct and uncomplicated procedure.

The problem is that those who apply for the golden visa are obliged to stay in Spain for 183 days a year, so they must book holidays to pass the time. This requires that your children choose a school and university in Spain.

To apply for the golden visa, the interested party will need to have made an investment in real estate with a minimum value of 500,000 euros net (including taxes). Not all citizens of the world may have access to this permission. Applicants must be non-European citizens, not European students and have an investment value of €500,000.

In addition, they must have a NIE (foreigner identification number). A NIE allows you to carry out any type of financial transaction in a European country such as opening a bankruptcy, investing in a company, buying or renting a property.

If you wish to apply for the golden visa then you will need to call a lawyer who specializes in these matters. Rodenas Abogados can help you achieve your golden visa in the blink of an eye with all the necessary requirements. Our foreign law firm in Madrid has a specialized team that can ensure that you meet all the requirements of the golden visa and help you move forward safely.

Why do you select lawyers from golden lawyers?

Golden immigration lawyers are dedicated to the specialization and quality of service to those clients who have selected specialists in the same subjects. They are professionals and experienced in the field of Spanish immigration and the golden visa in Spain.

The two founding lawyers of the firm and coordinators of Rodenas work together and bring their experience to the entire process of obtaining the card and helping their clients achieve the goal of reaching each of the golden visa requirements at that time.

The number of Rodenas golden lawyers works nationally and with lawyers throughout Spain. They have extensive technical knowledge and experience about the country’s jurisdiction and international standards that apply to the entire market. Our service includes telephone consultations, ensuring trust and working in a responsible and confidential manner. We strive to offer the best service to the public throughout Spain. If you wish to obtain the golden visa, contact Rodenas Abogados today and we will do it for you. Our legal machinery works quickly and professionally to ensure that you get permission through the gold system. abogado visado dorado españa

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