The Pokemon franchise has made millions of people around the world feel a little more like a kid in a candy store. With the release of games, trading cards, and even Pokemon stuffed animals, the fandom continues to grow.

For the ultimate Pokemon fan, a life-sized plush of your favorite character is just what you need to get pumped. The Pokemon Center sells a lot of different options, from adorable small plushes to jumbo versions of the most popular Pokemon, including Pikachu, Eevee, and Mew.

You can also find jumbo plushes of the Pokemon’s most elusive, obscure, and rare forms. Some of the most notable ones include Bonsly, Bronzong, Porygon, and Probopass. These oversized toys often come with perfect 5-star reviews and are a must-have for any fan.

Some of the jumbo plush Pokemon are available for purchase at the Pokemon Center while others can only be found from resellers. These jumbo plushes are typically cheaper at the resellers, so it’s worth a look to see which one is the best for you!

If you’re looking to make a huge impression with your jumbo Pokemon, then look no further than Wailord. This giant Pokemon is a life-size version of the Water-type Pokémon, and pre-orders for it are open now!

This gigantic Pokemon plush is a whopping 57 3/4 inches long, which is almost one-tenth the size of a “real” Wailord. It is made from a soft and cuddly material that makes it a pleasure to hold, and it will be a great addition to your collection.

As with any plush toy, you should never ever leave it unattended, so always carry it in a bag or purse when you go out. This way, if someone else sees it, they won’t be able to steal it!

The Pokemon Center has an incredible selection of jumbo plushes to choose from, so check out the website for more information. You can also follow them on Twitter for announcements on new releases!


A smooth-looking Pokemon with big eyes, Spheal is a cute and quirky addition to any fan’s collection. While it’s not the most popular Hoenn Pokemon, it’s a good choice for a jumbo plush. It’s currently available for $99 from the Pokemon Center and at resellers for less.


Lapras is one of the most beloved Pokemon of all time, so it’s no surprise that many Pokemon fans want to add a replica of this adorable critter to their collection. This life-size plush, though, is a bit pricey at 49,500 yen (approximately $357).

It’s also important to note that this version is only available at the Pokemon Center in Japan. If you’re a North American fan, you’ll have to settle for a smaller version that’s about 34 inches tall.


If you’re a fan of the Pokemon Legends series, then Arcanine is an important Pokemon to own. The adorable, anthropomorphic bird can be used as an alarm clock or in a room divider. Whether you prefer to watch it sleep or wake up, this plush is sure to become your best friend. Giant Pokemon Plush

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