If you’re ready to learn German, you have plenty of options for learning in London. German courses range from casual to intensive and can be geared towards any age or experience level. The best way to select a course is by understanding your motivation and choosing one that aligns with it. For example, if you are planning to travel in Germany or Austria or do business with the region, an evening class at Imperial College is likely a good fit.

If your goal is to master conversational German, group classes are a great option. Often facilitated by native speakers, these classes are fun and immersive. You’ll meet new friends and quickly build your speaking skills. Intensive courses are also a great choice for those with specific goals in mind. These full day lessons are a deep dive into the language and are designed to get you fluent as quickly as possible.

Online learning is also a popular option. Many sites provide free lessons to help learners familiarize themselves with the language. The DeutschAkademie app is an excellent option for beginners, offering lessons based on the CEFR levels. Rocket German is another highly recommended program, providing lessons for all levels and different learning styles.

The Goethe-Institut offers university level classes that may be a good fit for professionals who are looking to advance their careers with German. These classes are typically more structured since they offer credit equivalencies. Italki is another great option for online German classes. This site and mobile app connects students with native speakers for one-on-one conversations. German courses London

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