The Ford Bronco has a cult-like following among four wheel drive enthusiasts. It is a sturdy off road vehicle that can be easily upgraded with a variety of options.

This includes the addition of a Dana 44 front axle and power steering. In addition, an auxiliary fuel tank is available for those who need it.

Custom Fit

Spare tires are one of the most important things for any off-road driver to have. They allow you to quickly replace a blown tire and get your vehicle back on the road. In addition, it is always wise to have a spare tire cover to protect your spare from dust, dirt, flying trail debris and inclement weather.

MasterTop’s custom fit tire covers are made locally in Orlando Florida and have been hand screen printed with a rugged and durable marine-grade print that resists sun fading and is water resistant. A professional upholstery welt is sewn around the edge, which not only adds a finished look but also helps to strengthen the cover against the elements.

A quality corrosion-free Master lock and a cutout for the backup camera are included with each Ford Bronco hard tire cover, to ensure your spare tire is safely locked up and protected from thieves. Our interactive design studio makes it easy for you to select a design that is perfect for your vehicle, and our skilled team of artists will produce a high-quality finish for your tire cover.

Heavy-Duty Vinyl

Unlike other brands that offer generic, ill-fitting covers, our Ford Bronco hard tire cover is tailor made to fit your specific spare tire size. The snug, custom fit gives you the peace of mind that your spare tire is protected against unauthorized access and harsh weather elements.

Our vinyl is durable, dust proof and offers nearly 100% UV protection. This helps keep your spare tire free from dry rot and prevents it from cracking in the sun. It also clings to your tires for a secure fit and stays put even during brutal car washes.

If you’re looking for a way to show off your patriotism, look no further than this collection of American Bald Eagle designs. There are also eye-catching dog print covers that make a statement about your love for animals.

To keep your new spare tire cover safe from theft, Four Wheel Covers includes a security kit with a quality, coated cable and Master lock. These accessories are easy to install and will help you keep your spare tire covered safely in your garage.

Bead-Welt Seam

The cover has a bead-welded seam that’s strong enough to hold up to snow, rain, hail, and even direct sunlight. The welded seam also helps the cover withstand severe road conditions, including potholes and speed bumps.

A typical weld pool image for a bead of the welding seam is shown in Fig. 11. The shape of the weld pool is typically large in the center and small on both sides. This characteristic is due to the fact that the weld pool is influenced by both the temperature of the bottom plate and the residual temperature of the previous weld.

Because the substrate is deformed by high temperature during welding, the position of the point cloud for different welds will change. This will influence the height value of the weld. As a result, the segmentation results by method 1 are often incorrect. In order to improve the segmentation accuracy, a method that can deal with the change in position of the point cloud is required. This method should not only be based on the position of the point cloud, but should also include information about the height of each weld bead.

Master Lock

Our spare tire covers are custom made to fit the exact size of your vehicle’s spare tire and come with a quality, corrosion-free Master Lock. This feature will help prevent your new Bronco spare tire cover and backup camera from being stolen. You can also add a security kit to your order, which includes security grommets and a strong, coated cable.

The first Master Lock was created in 1921 by Harry Soref, a Russian Jewish immigrant who used investments from two friends to launch the company with the simple but revolutionary idea of laminated padlocks. The company quickly became one of Milwaukee’s primary employers in the Metcalfe Park neighborhood, and Soref instituted innovative styles and policies that increased production and employee morale.

The company expanded, and by the 1980s Master Lock employed around 1,300 people at its Milwaukee factory, which was located at 2600 N. 32nd Street in the Metcalfe Park neighborhood. However, tensions between management and labor led to the outsourcing of many jobs to overseas factories in the 1990s. Master Lock later repatriated some manufacturing operations, and President Obama praised the company in 2012 for its efforts to bring back domestic jobs.

Interactive Design Studio

Many different designs are available on these tire covers, so you can choose one that matches your Jeep design or makes it stand out. This collection includes several patriotic American Bald Eagle designs that show off your national pride. If you want to protect your spare tire from thieves, we also offer a security kit that includes security grommets and a top quality coated cable and Master lock.

There have been few vehicles more eagerly anticipated in recent years than the return of the Ford Bronco, and it’s finally here. Designed for those who live, work and play outdoors, it has a solid, ground-gripping 4×4 powertrain, a Terrain Management System with G.O.A.T. modes, and radical approach, breakover and departure angles to help you venture as far as you like. Plus, it’s packed with user-friendly tech that makes it easy to get to the back cargo area. And with seating for up to four people and 99 cu. ft. of cargo space, there’s plenty of room to bring along your friends and gear.

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