Employment law is the legal practice focusing on all of the rights, obligations and responsibilities within an employer-employee relationship. It covers topics like wages, workplace safety and discrimination. Employment lawyers often specialize in representing either employers or employees, although some choose to assist unions.

While federal laws set minimum requirements for work conditions, many states have their own employment-related laws as well. These might include specific break times or maximum working hours, minimum wage levels and rules for resolving employee disputes. Some state laws may also prohibit certain types of discrimination or provide protection for whistleblowers.

An employer may violate an employee’s rights in a variety of ways, including retaliation, wrongful termination or sexual harassment. An experienced attorney can help determine if an employer has violated an employee’s legal rights. They can then file a lawsuit against the employer to get the compensation that the employee is entitled to.

For example, Joe’s job is “at will,” meaning that he can leave the company at any time for any reason (as long as it does not violate labor laws). However, he’s heard from people who work at competing restaurants that they are paid more than him. He reviews the state’s employment law and discovers that his employer is breaking the wage gap laws. He can file a retaliation claim against his employer to recover the difference in wages.

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