During oral surgical procedures, various instruments are utilized. Proper selection of the right tools prevents iatrogenic damage or traumatic procedures and increases patient safety.

Several tools are used during oral surgery, including the dental explorer mirror which reflects light and helps the dentist see hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The dental scrub mirror is a similar tool with a textured surface that cleans tooth surfaces.

An important piece of equipment for oral surgeons is a dental drill, which removes decay and shapes restorative materials. It also removes remaining roots and broken teeth. Another instrument that is useful during oral surgery is a dental suction hose, which helps keep the work area clean and free of debris.

To light-cure restorative materials, a dental light-curing lamp is used. This device activates the material with a high-intensity light, which allows the material to harden quickly. This saves time and improves the quality of the results.

Another important piece of dental equipment for oral surgery is a mouth prop, which keeps the gums open while the surgical procedure is performed. This allows the surgeon to work on a larger area of the mouth without having to retract and reinsert the needle multiple times during the procedure.

There are a number of suppliers that offer dental surgery equipment, including Henry Schein, Benco and Net32. Henry Schein is a major supplier with a multinational presence that provides a variety of large equipment as well as dental technology and software. They also have a rewards program called Thrive Rewards, which offers savings on purchases and additional benefits.

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