The perfect finishing touch to your baseball or softball uniform is custom printed socks. You can add your team logo or just a cool design that catches the eye of the fans and brings out their support and love for the players on the field. Custom stirrup socks also help prevent injury by providing extra support for the ankles and balls of your feet. They can be worn with any type of athletic shoe and are a favorite for runners as they provide comfort for their feet while moving at high speeds.

Our custom baseball striped stirrup socks are made in the USA and come in several colors so you can match your teams color theme. We also have a custom builder that lets you choose the amount of stripes and the color of the stripe. This allows you to create a custom pair of socks that will make your team stand out on the field and give your opponents a reason to fear them!

Baseball stirrups were first developed to prevent injuries on the field. Back then, colored stockings were dyed with harsh chemicals that could seep into the skin. Many famous players were injured by these dyes including Nap Lajoie. This led to baseball players wearing two layers of socks- a white, washable sanitary stocking worn underneath the colored uniform sock. The result was the modern baseball stirrup sock.

Our customized baseball socks are made with 100% nylon which is known for its versatility, aversion to abrasion, strength, and stretch. This material provides excellent support and cushioning for your feet while playing baseball or any other sport. This material is also very quick-drying and washes easily. These features make our custom socks the ideal choice for any sports team.

If you are looking for a specific sock to match the St Louis Cardinals colors, please be aware that they use scarlet not cardinal which is what is shown on our website. We always recommend that you confirm the color of your team with a team representative before ordering.

Our personalized baseball stirrup socks are a great option for any sport and are available in several colors. You can order a pair of socks or multiple pairs in bulk to save on shipping. Our embroidered baseball socks are a great gift or can be used as promotional items for your business. We offer free shipping on all orders and a low minimum purchase of just 15 pairs. Our personalized baseball socks are also the perfect choice for your little league team. We can even customize a pair of socks with your team name and mascot to give the players that professional look. Order your custom baseball stirrups today! custom baseball stirrup socks

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